Coming 2025

Joseph-Ignace Guillotin did not invent the machine that was named after him. In fact, the doctor and freemason opposed the death penalty and only proposed the device as a less painful method of execution. Similarly, this website does not seek violence, but aspires to use existing technology and methods as a catalyst for drastically improving society.

Inspired by the French revolution, it also draws from the industrial revolution, the universal suffrage movement, and, to a lesser extent, the populist rise of communism and fascism. The aim is to build community rather than division. To unite people around the common goal of breaking with a status quo that dictates false political dichotomies, enables broken monetary systems, affirms poor leadership, and more.


Innocuous Guillotines wants...

Primarily, for people to have sufficient resources to own what they utilize for their work, enabling them to collaborate voluntarily to support their community without the need for concentrated wealth. will offer direct action (in the form of non-profit labor) to implement technological solutions for immediate results. will engage with activist groups and common individuals in an outreach campaign to help shape society over several generations.

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